There is a buzz in the air … 2010 GTAR Statistics are in and there is some good news to share with your customers!

 Our “Overall” Sales total is up 3.91% (We sold 1738 homes in 2009 and 1806 homes in 2010)

  1. We ended 2010 with an inventory of 14,570 representing an 8.1 month inventory!  This is a lot closer to a shift to a sellers market than we were in January of 2009 – 19 months or even in January of 201 – 13.5 months.
  2. Over 75% of our home sales were priced under $200,000 . . . Can you say “Investor” and “First Time Home buyer?”  These two buyers will continue to have an impact  in 2011. Anyone who can should  take advantage of the tremendous market of opportunity we are in.
  3. Our average sale price in January 2010 was $154,725 and we ended the year at $154,016!  That seems pretty “Stable” to me… Even if you go back to January 2009 $160,662 prices are only down 5% over the past two years. And
  4. Interest rates are still very good with only slight increases, but that could help to provide a sense of urgency in the market.

Rich Kemper


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