We need to keep our eye on the interest rates….one of my clients closes on an FHA mortgage last week at 3.25% and now I see they are at 3.5% this week. If you know anyone that is interested in buying a home now is a really good time while prices are down and interest rates are still low! Rich Kemper www.fishhawkhomesforsale.com

As your Mortgage Professional, I have the training and experience to provide solutions to making your Clients dreams of Homeownership a Reality!!!!  Please forward my information to your Realtor/Builder Associates, Clients, Friends and Family who could benefit.  We know everyone needs someone who will look out for their best interest…..PLEASE CALL TO FIND OUR WHAT OUR PURCHASE & REFINANCE SPECIALSARE!!!!!                                                            


Conventional…30Yr Fixed  3.625%(4.036APR)    20Yr Fixed  3.625%(4.072APR)

                        15Yr Fixed  3.250%(3.983APR)

ARM’s…3/1ARM  3.250%(3.655APR)     5/1ARM  3.000%(3.401APR)     



FHA…                                              VA…100% Financing       

30Yr Fixed  3.500%(3.948APR)         30Yr Fixed  3.500%(3.805APR)           

15Yr Fixed  3.375%(3.820APR)         15Yr Fixed  3.375%(4.150APR)               


USDA up to 102%LTV(BACK….but Funds may be Short Lived)

30Yr Fixed 3.625%(4.036APR) 


DOCTOR LOAN up to 100% Financingwith NO Private Mortgage Insurance

30Yr Fixed  4.250%(4.672APR)    up to $650K


Construction Perm

30Yr Fixed 4.000%(4.418APR) 1x Close                       


HASP/HARP2 Max LTV based on Servicer of Mortgage

30Yr Fixed  3.75%(4.163APR)


**Rates Stated above are ONLY estimates and are subject to change without notice; Rates are based on Clients overall Profile and are NOT based on any $ Figures**

APR calculated on Loan Amnt of $150K


I look forward to earning your Business and working together.

Should you have any questions, concerns and/or need anything addt’l please contact me.


God Bless,

Shelia Marshall /FIFTH THIRD BANK    NMLS#277964

I ASK, LISTEN & SOLVE….Local, Friendly

P(813)765-3557    Email: shelia_marshall@verizon.net

The BEST COMPLIMENT I can receive is a Personal REFERRAL….Remember I never know where my next Referral will come from but my Business is totally dependant on them!!  I appreciate you passing my Name to your Family,Friends and Acquaintances and don’t forget your Church’s and Civic Organizations!!

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond”


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